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"The Door"

http://ryanking.webs.com/The Door-Pre Production.mp3

© 2012 MZRT Productions

This song is currently unreleased and will be on the next solo record.  It's basically just about being a frustrated musician!  Anyone who's been through the years and years of digging, struggling, and trying so hard to get someone to give you a chance in this business as I have, can certainly relate.  But, there's also a lyric in the song that says "I spend so much time trying to find it, I forget about all I've already found" which is very true too.  It seems no matter the amazing things us musicians accomplish, we're always looking for the door that lies ahead, and not to the ones we've already been fortunate enough to unlock.  Guess that's our curse...

"An Empty Shell"

http://ryanking.webs.com/Empty Shell-Pre Production.mp3

© 2012 MZRT Productions

Here's a brand new one that didn't make it onto the "Break Free" album.  I really dig this one.  It's based on a real experience, but colored up a little to make the story in the song work, and more interesting for the listener.  There's a simplicity of it that I really love.  It's nice and upbeat but at the same time also very sad.  Anyway, I hope everyone likes it!  It feels good posting something that hasn't been released yet.  Hopefully if "Ryan King; Break Free" does well enough, this, along with many other great ones, will be on a future album sometime!  Speaking of the new album, don't forget that "Ryan King; Break Free" is available now in the "Merch" section of this site, and is easy to purchase through paypal!!!  

"Last Goodbye"

http://ryanking.webs.com/Last Goodbye-Pre Production.mp3

© 2012 MZRT Productions

Here's one that most people can likely relate to.  Obviously, it's one of those goodbye songs.  The irony of this one is the play on words of "Last Goodbye".  A man has to travel to make a living and is never home as a result.  He worries about the woman he loves leaving him because of this, and spends all those countless miles of traveling thinking about their "Last Goodbye", meaning the 'most recent' time that they last said goodbye to eachother.  But, in the end, what he fears comes true, and she fills the empty void, along with the empty spot in her bed, with someone that is able to be around more often, and that 'most recent' goodbye, truly turns into their final, and "Last Goodbye".  The bitch of it all is that it doesn't matter how much it hurts, or how many teardrops fall, there are countless miles of that long stretch of highway to get down, and he has to force himself to get the job done and fight through the pain, along with the hours and hours he has to spend pondering it, and what has happened.  Yeah.....that shit hurts!  This is one of my favorites that will be on the next record (it's currently unreleased).

"Break Free" Album Sampler

http://ryanking.webs.com/01 Break Free Montage.mp3 © 2011 MZRT Productions

Preview the new "BREAK FREE" album here!!  This is a montage I've put together which contains snippets of most of the material on the album, so that you can get a general idea of what the album sounds like without hearing it in it's entirety.  Since the new "BREAK FREE" album is now completed, and available, I've taken down most of the full versions of the songs that are on the album, and left just a couple, which I will rotate with others every so often.  I hope you enjoy the "Break Free" sampler, and for more info, or to purchase the "BREAK FREE" album, go to the "Merch" section of this site!!! 

"Angel Juice"

http://ryanking.webs.com/05 Angel Juice.mp3 © 2011 MZRT Productions

When it comes to women, guys, we're never gonna figure 'em out!  But it does seem that no matter who we're talking about, two rules always apply:  #1, If the man is married, or attached in any way, it's the equivalent of being a male model, because women flock to a man who is already taken.  The opposite also applies, if the man is free to do as he pleases, and not in a committed relationship with anybody, it seems that we must be the ugliest things to ever crawl the earth, because there are never any women interested in us if we're not taken!  And #2, if for whatever reason the most beautiful woman in the place is throwing herself at you, you can be sure that she's probably either there with someone, or has someone waiting for her at home!!  #2 is what "Angel Juice" is all about!!!  It's just a fun, honky-tonkin', Rock 'n' Roll song that is about a guy who thinks he's hit the jackpot with this little angel from heaven, until he realizes that she's got some serious baggage, and is also married to a big ol' guy that probably wouldn't be too happy about her messing around with anyone else!  I played all the instruments (yes, even the cowbell!! haha), and had a really fun time doing it!


"Cold North Country"

http://ryanking.webs.com/01 North Country.mp3  © 2009 MZRT Productions

When I wasn't playing music somewhere, I used to drive a truck, mostly for my father.  This song was written while I was driving for him during the winter, on a run where I was spending a lot of time, and driving many a mile in the northern part of the country.  Being from upstate New York originally, driving all that time up north made me think a lot of home, and my childhood.  The lyrics are more geared toward personal memories I have of being a child in the "Cold North Country", rather than things I saw and experienced during the particular trip when I wrote the song.  The "little lumber mill", and "Bear Hill" are real places where I'm from.  In fact, a couple of my uncles actually still work as correctional officers at Bear Hill Prison today!  "Finney Hucks" is a real store, but with a different name, called "The Village Market" in Burke, NY, where I'm from.  The Village Market didn't rhyme with "Salting Trucks" though, so Finney Hucks it is!  The "ol' GMC conversion van" is one of the first vehicles that I ever owned, which my father bought for me for $500 in Wilmington, NC.  Also, one main difference I've always noticed between the north and the south are the roads.  I've always noticed that, and always wanted to include that in a song somehow at some point.  Up north, many of the old backroads that we traveled on every day never had any lines on them, and were all  very worn and weathered from all of the snow and ice, and all of the salt and sand that they'd spread over them regularly.  Some of them weren't any wider than just ONE lane of a road down south either, and yes, some of them were still made simply of dirt.  It's funny how you notice the little things when you move to a different area.  The great shape of the roads down south was one of the first things that I noticed upon moving there when I was in my early teens.

Interview on WSFL;  August, 2010

http://ryanking.webs.com/01 WSFL Interview 08-27-10.mp3

This is an interview with eastern NC radio station 106.5 FM, WSFL with Ryan about an upcoming "Tuesday's Gone" show, Ryan's son Thomas, Ryan's new solo album, and a "Backyard BBQ" giveaway that the station is doing, part of which is an acoustic show from Ryan for the winner.

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