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                       "Ryan King; Break Free" 

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      Ryan King was born in the very small, dairy farm filled town of Malone, NY, just a few miles from the Canadian border.  At age five, he began teaching himself to play the guitar, and by age nine, he was composing original songs complete with music and lyrics.  While the other neighborhood children kept themselves occupied by playing ball, or later in life tinkering with cars and other things, Ryan spent his time helping his father with work around the house and his truck shop where they'd fix and service his father's tractor trailers.  Whenever that wasn't happening, it was all about music, and all the time. 

     A childhood friend, Paul Conto, lived just a mile or so up the road, and owned a drum set which his uncle had given him.  Shortly after learning to play the guitar, Ryan found himself wanting to try his hand at the drums.  He'd walk, or ride his bicycle up to where Paul lived, and began teaching himself to play another instrument, while also showing Paul the different things he had learned.  Not long after he had learned the basics in both guitar and drums, another friend, Gabe DeCoteau, would bring his bass guitar into school, and began showing Ryan the ins and outs of playing bass (Ryan would later start a band with Gabe called "Black Portal" which in the end was called "Killian's Machine" and played locally around town). 

     The dream of fronting a big-time band had begun, and at a very early age.  Ryan and his two cousins, Troy and Tom King, who lived just a half mile up Flynn Road, began trying to put together Ryan's first band, which would be called "The KCB Band" (there are still a small amount of cassette tapes circulating from a very early home recording with Ryan, Tom, and Troy playing guitars, singing, and playing the small set of electric drum pads that Troy received as a Christmas present one year.  The songs on these cassettes are the earliest forms of Ryan King's songwriting).  As far as school goes, the joy Ryan King found there didn't come from learning about history, or arithmetic, but instead came from filling his school notebooks with original lyrics for future songs, and playing acoustic guitars with boyhood friends like Shorty LaVoie and Rob Reyome, each teaching each other the things that they had learned the day before.  The last band that Ryan was involved with in Upstate New York was called "The Funeral Party", which was a band that played some of Ryan's original songs, as well as some cover songs from the likes of Nirvana, Metallica, Lynyrd Skynyrd,  and others.  Ryan sang lead vocals, and played guitar, Rob played bass, Shorty played rhythm guitar, and Ryan's sister Chelsea played drums.  Together, they won Franklin Academy High School's "Battle of the Bands".  Chelsea was just 11 years of age.

     At age fifteen, Ryan said goodbye to upstate New York, and moved to Raleigh, NC with his family.  Upset about this at the time, he had no idea that moving to North Carolina would enable him to become the professional musician he had always wanted to be.  By age sixteen, he had started a rock band that played popular cover songs called "Full Throttle", which a little later turned into an original rock band that produced two albums full of the music that he had spent his life creating...some of which dated as far back as his boyhood days at Franklin Academy High in the cold cow town of Malone, NY.  Surrounded by older musicians who couldn't believe that their frontman, singer, and guitarist was no older than a teenage boy, Ryan King began making his musical mark on North Carolina, and hasn't looked back since.  "Full Throttle" played all over North Carolina, and even ventured out of NC every now and then, playing Bike Week in Myrtle Beach, SC a few times, and even as far north as New York.  "Full Throttle" had an eleven year run, and disbanded in 2008.  Recently, they have gotten back together to discuss reuniting and recording the third album that was written, but never recorded.

     In 2005, Ryan, along with friend and guitarist John Pereksta, started a Lynyrd Skynyrd tribute band called "Tuesday's Gone".  In the few years they have been together, they have molded it into nothing less than a very successful and well known tribute band, who have paid tribute to Lynyrd Skynyrd (Ryan's strongest musical influence, and the band who are solely responsible for his initial interest in music as a child) in almost a dozen different states across America!  In a very short time, they have managed to do some things that most bands only dream about.  Things like opening shows for legendary bands like ".38 Special", playing the largest night club in the country; Panama City, Florida's "Club La Vela", and even packing out the world famous "House of Blues"!!  "Tuesday's Gone" is still touring today.  To find out where they're playing, click on "Gigs" at the top of this page, or visit www.TuesdaysGoneTribute.com.

 In late 2011, Ryan got a phone call while kicking back in his Wilmington, NC home. The voice on the other end, however, was one that belonged to someone he never in a million years expected to hear from.  It was Randall Hall, former Lynyrd Skynyrd guitarist.  Randall was the man hand picked by Allen Collins to take his place after paralysis left Allen unable to play with Skynyrd any longer.  Randall had been searching for a singer/frontman for the Jacksonville, FL based "Randall Hall Band", and after seeing Ryan singing "Simple Man" with Skynyrd Tribute "Tuesday's Gone" on youtube, he decided he need not look any further.  Along with still continuing to tour with Tuesday's Gone, Ryan also enjoys sharing the stage with Randall, one of his biggest musical heroes and influences of all time

    In his spare time, along with enjoying spending time with his children, Ryan can normally be found writing and recording new music in his home studio.  His first effort at a solo album was released in 2011, called "Ryan King; Break Free" and is available at all shows, and through this website in the "Merch" section via paypal.  This is a musical venture that was several years in the making, as he recorded and produced the album, wrote all the songs, and played every instrument you'll hear all himself!  Check the "Music" page to preview "Break Free" and see what you think!  There are also a few unreleased songs there that will be on the next solo album for you to check out before the album comes out!!

     Be sure to register to become a member of this website (you'll then receive updates from Ryan about upcoming events, and gain access to upload your own photos straight onto the site!!), and check the "Gigs" page often for all of Ryan King's upcoming show dates.  Whether it's with "Tuesday's Gone", the "Randall Hall Band", or an acoustic show that he's known for playing here, there, and everywhere, make sure you catch one.  You won't be disappointed!!! 


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